Heidi Kay, Ph.D.

Dr. Kay has been working in drug development since 1999, where she was the lead inventor for a new class of anticancer drug candidates targeting STAT3, in collaboration with researchers at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center.  Her experience and career in research laboratories began as a laboratory assistant in 1984. Dr. Kay moved on to establish Jericho Sciences, LLC in 2009 to develop research discoveries to help improve the lives of HIV-infected individuals. Dr. Kay earned a PhD in Physical Chemistry in 1999 at the University of South Florida. She holds 13 patents, continues pursuing new applications and has published in leading research journals. (See more information on Linkedin).

Jason Holsapple

Jason is a senior Biology student with six years’ professional drug safety profiling experience at international research institutes. Jason has experience with FDA-approved models and testing to help support drug development. He is further interested in regenerative medicine and continuing toward a PhD in Immunology. Jason enjoys challenging games and puzzles, gardening and his cats.

Emma Johnson

Emma is a senior Biomedical Engineering student and has been involved in research since 2017. She has studied protein interactions in developing neurons to understand the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, and has been working with Jericho to address persistent viral reservoirs in HIV patients. Emma enjoys astronomy, distance running, and her cats.

Ryan Chen

Ryan is a senior Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry major. In addition to working with Jericho to assist with PCR studies and to create an interface for sample storage, Ryan has designed an inexpensive prototype diagnostic for measuring iodine levels in saliva. He has also conducted research in atherosclerosis treatment and electrical neuromuscular stimulation for stroke patient rehabilitation. In his free time, Ryan enjoys doing crossword puzzles and eating strawberries.  

Anting Wang

Anting is a senior Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry major. She has assisted with research in antibody-mediated drug delivery and has developed new algorithms for interpreting medical images. She has also developed process mapping and coding to increase process efficiencies. Anting enjoys discovering science, eating watermelon and tending her pet quails.